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Welcome to the online home of Four Robins Ltd !

From our workshop in the hills outside of Pittsburgh, we create leather dog collars, accessories, and homegoods with a emphasis on craft and creativity.  We have ready to ship items, limited edition creations, and many accessories and products can be made to order and ready in under two weeks.  Our individually crafted leather collars are made to order and ship within ten business days.  



Customized Leather Dog Collars and Leashes

April 09, 2014


Our handmade leather dog collars come in many colors and designs.  We can customize your collar by mixing and matching many of the dyes and patterns in our shop. If you see a dye combination that you especially like, we can usually replicate it on any of the embossed patterns that we offer for sale.

If you are looking for a leash to coordinate with your collar, we can create one just for you.  All 1" collar patterns and most dye colors can be made into coordinating leashes using the same leather and techniques used to create our collars. Like our leather dog collars, our leashes are hand dyed, embossed and riveted. Leashes are also reinforced with hand sewn linen stitching and some designs are even available with hand-painted accents. Leashes are available in a 'traffic length' from 36" up to 44" with several available snap options.

For more information about customization or leash options, send us a message at info@fourrobins.com.

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A Tribute to the Best Worst Dog Ever.

March 28, 2014

Jessie was the best worst dog to ever live. She wasn't warm, or friendly. She didn't lick you. She only occasionally wagged her tail. When she did want you to pet her, she would sit just out of your reach and whine. When you moved closer to her, she would move farther away. She bit Nicole's elderly Aunt Helen on the butt so many times that they both came to expect it. She bit all of us, actually...


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