Four Robins Leather

Shipping Information


We use USPS Priority Mail for the majority of our shipping within the US.  Larger orders of 5 or more items may be shipped by UPS ground.  Orders shipped within the US will be provided with a shipping confirmation/tracking number. INTERNATIONAL orders will have a customs form number that will verify shipment. International orders will be by first class mail. 


The average shipping time for USPS Ground with Priority Mail is 2-5 days. (however we cannot guarantee this), and generally 6-10 days anywhere outside the US, (but can take up to several weeks if examined or retained by customs).


Special Note on International Delivery


*International orders will have US Postage paid in full. Please be aware that certain destination countries assess additional tariffs, handling charges, and VAT's that are not within our control. You may want to verify these charges with your local postal service before placing your order.*

Although most international packages are delivered within 2 weeks, it can take significantly longer for some to be delivered, particularly if they are opened and inspected by customs. If your package does not arrive after 6 weeks, please contact us. 




Shipping Charges

United States

*We are currently offering free shipping for orders of $40.00 or more.  Free shipping does not apply to custom or wholesale orders.  

$1.00 - $4.00 =  Free Shipping 

$4.01 - $21.00 = $3.99 USPS First Class 

$4.01 - $21.00 = $6.00 USPS Priority Mail

$22.00 - $59.00 = $4.99 - USPS Priority Mail

USPS Free Priority Shipping on orders over $60.00



$1-$65 = $22.00

$66-$220.00 = $30.00

items over $220.00 - please contact us at


$1.00 - $65.00 = $12.00

$66.00 -  $250.00 = $18.00

items over $250.00 - please contact us at

 United Kingdom

$1-$65.00 = $22.00

$66-$220.00 = $30.00

items over $220.00 - please contact us at

 All other Destinations

$1-$65 = $22.00

$121-$220.00 = $30.00

items over $220.00 - please contact us at