Collar Sizing and Leather Care Information

Collar Sizing

Determining which size to choose:

1. Measure with a fabric tape around the base of your pet's neck with enough room for two fingers or a comfortable fit between the measuring tape and the pet.  A string can also be used in place of a measuring tape. Place the string around your dog's neck to determine a comfortable fit. Measure this length against a yardstick or ruler.


2. Measure your pet's current collar from the middle of the buckle to the hole currently used.

 Custom Fit Hole Placement:

We recommend choosing a collar sized so that the middle holes(s) are close to your pet's comfortable neck measurement. If you feel that your pet is between sizes or need a collar that is slightly larger or smaller than what is offered, the fit holes on your collar can be customized according to your pet's neck measurement.

I will place the your pet's comfortable neck measurement as the center hole on your collar, with two on either side for adjustment.

For best fit, choose a collar with middle hole(s) closest in size to your pet's neck measurement.

Standard Collar Sizes:
Small: 11"-14" (holes at 11",11.75",12.5", 13.25, & 14")
Medium: 13"-17" (holes at 13",14",15",16" & 17")
Large: 16"-20" ( holes at 16", 17",18",19" & 20")

Large+: 18"-22" (holes at 18", 19", 20", 21", 22")
XLarge: 20"-24" (holes at 20", 21", 22", 23" & 24")

*Small collars are created using a lighter buckle for increased comfort.*

Toy Breeds

The "Standard" fit hole placement for our size Small is 11"-14" inches. Small collars can be customized down to approximately 9"-12", but will likely not be comfortable for toy or very small dogs. The weight of the hardware combined with the 1" width of most of our collars may be uncomfortable to a with a dog with a very light or petite frame. Small, sturdy breeds such as terriers or small hunting breeds are the ideal candidates for our small sized collars.

Restraint Collars or Giant Breeds

Our collars are made using high quality brass or stainless steel buckles and rivets and "D" rings, and 8-10 oz American vegetable tanned cowhide. The leather used for our collars is approximately 1/8" thick. Very large breeds such as mastiffs often use collars that are 1/4" or more in thickness or constructed using multiple layers of reinforced nylon or leather. Similarly, dogs that are very powerful or must be restrained due to aggressive behaviors may also be better suited to a heavier weight and/or reinforced collar that is made for that specific purpose. Leather can be stretched, cracked,  or torn, if exposed to undue stress.  We cannot refund or replace collars that are damaged due wear and tear resulting from use on very large, powerful, or aggressive dogs.  Please send us a message at with any questions.

Leather Collar Care:

Leather is a porous material and is not waterproof.  Like all natural dyed leather, it is optimal to keep your collar as dry as possible.  Although our collars are sealed to protect them during normal use, it not recommended that you submerge your leather collars or allow them to remain wet for extended periods. All leather deepens in color or fades over time, but collars that regularly become wet may become darkened or discolored or lose dye more rapidly. Items damaged by wear or misuse cannot be returned or refunded.

As leather is a natural product, it will wear over time. There are many products available to help keep your leather items in good condition. On light, brightly colored, or painted collars, we recommend applying conditioning products to the underside of your collar to avoid surface darkening. It is always best to test leather care products in an inconspicuous area. It is your responsibility to periodically inspect your leather items and replace them when necessary to keep you and your pet safe and comfortable.

Leather boxes:

Our leather has been sealed and the leather is extremely durable, though it is recommended to keep your leather items as dry as possible.

*Each piece is made individually by my husband and I.  Because of the nature of the materials that we use, each piece may bear slight marks, small scars, or imperfect stitches.*