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The Story of Twin Saints.

The name Twin Saints is drawn from the early Christian sibling saints, Crispin and Crispinian. Of the brothers, Crispin is most widely known, as his Saint's day is still celebrated in the Anglican Church. This saint is also referenced in the famous St. Crispin's Day Speech in Shakespeare's Henry V.  Traditionally, Saints Crispin and Crispinian were revered as the patron saints of leather workers, cobblers, and saddlers.

In the Christian tradition, their story dates to the 3rd Century AD, when legend has it that the two twins brought Christianity to the Gauls while working as shoemakers at night to support their mission. There is some evidence that the story of these two brothers actually may predate Christianity itself. Early Roman tradesmen often revered a household god. It is believed by many scholars that the early Roman church incorporated the legend of the earlier gods of tanners and leather workers into their pantheon to help spread the mission of the church more widely.

The name Twin Saints plays homage to the great traditions of leather work that go back millennia. Many of the techniques that are used to create our American handcrafted objects would have been familiar to leather workers many centuries ago. Twin Saints, in both name and action, is a way to carry on these traditions for future generations.

About Four Robins.

Four Robins Ltd. is the artisan partnership of Greg and Nicole Horgan. Drawing from their disparate backgrounds; Nicole's in oil painting, and Greg's in manufacturing, the pair have created unique objects that have garnered them attention from around the world. They have exhibited in some of the nation's most respected shows of decorative arts, and their work has appeared in dozens of media outlets including, ABC TV, HGTV Design Blog, the Chicago Tribune, and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Some of the couple's fine art pieces, pictured on this page, may be available by inquiry. Please contact us at info@fourrobins.com for more information.



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