One of the great joys in working with historic furniture lies in discovering the unique idiosyncratic details that reveal the hand of the original craftsman. Modern commercially produced furniture is symmetrical and uniform. This chair is a wonderful example of the ways an object can reveal the process of its creator. The small round pegs at the bottom of the seatback are spaced at a slightly uneven distance which works visually, but beguiles a person attempting to fashion a pattern to replace the original. In this way, the original craftsman of this chair was a participant in our creative process as we added our contribution to this historic object. For this design, we created an original interpretation that attaches to the chair frame without the use of any nails or tacks.  We hand dyed and hand stitched vegetable tanned cowhide in an integrative pattern that plays off the original design elements of the chair while creating something that is showcases the unique properties of leather as a medium. We embellished this pattern with a hand painted classic art nouveaux seaweed motif which recalls the elements of symmetry necessary for construction while incorporating the randomness of both nature and design that creates the truly unique.