Autumn, a Time for Thanks

It is said that to every thing there is a season.  In the way that spring is the season to plant, autumn is the season to harvest.  Despite all the work we put into our garden each year, harvest time always comes as a bit of surprise, and no matter how prudent we try to be with our planting, we always end up with too many zucchini.  The first tomatoes are a welcome surprise, but by the beginning of fall, we are giving them away.  This cycle of the harvest is reflected in some of our most closely held traditions.  The fall is time of sharing and a time for giving thanks.  If there is somebody in your life that you are thankful for, consider telling them, or better yet, give them a gift.  We have a great selection of items to express your gratitude, and we are always happy to include a personalized message with your item.  To use this option, simply message us at checkout.