Limited Edition Leather Bison.

Each year, we choose a type of object to create an anchor point for our collections. Last year, those objects were historic sling chairs that offered a template to merge decorative hand stitching and dye painting to re-imagine the objects along a cohesive aquatic theme. This year, we have chosen the iconic American image of the bison to occupy this anchoring position. We have created a bison for each collection.

The Luna Collection bison, is decorated with a motif suggestive of the cosmos with star clusters crossing the black surface of the leather. The Mesa collection bison, is rendered in tan reminiscent of open prairie, and is embellished with stylized brambles calling to mind sage brush and barbed wire. The Timber collection bison is in a deep woodsy brown. The exterior of this bison is sparsely decorated while the interior is richer, thus suggesting the mysteries revealed in a light dappled forest. These bison were offered as a limited edition collection.  Our signature trays were inspired by the bison in each collection.