Our Third Anniversary

As a small child, the day after Christmas was always the beginning of a long decompression. The rituals surrounding the holiday; the tree, the lights, the music, all served to build the expectation of Christmas into something bigger than any possibility. When the day finally came, it was a whirlwind of aunts, uncles and cousins and presents and sweets. It was almost too much to absorb on a mind overtired from a night spent pretending to sleep while waiting for Santa to come.  

We are blessed to share this excitement again with our own children, but this year was a bit of a different type of whirlwind.   Our business is growing. From our beginnings on our dining room table, we have expanded twice, and now occupy two large workshops. As with many businesses, the holidays can be a very intense time, and this year, was our most successful Christmas ever. For the first time, it is really starting to feel like we are here to stay. I don’t think the hard work will ever be over, but I am tremendously thankful to our customers who honored us with their patronage this year. My greatest hope for the New Year is to be able to continue to live this dream of sharing our craft with people from all over the world. Whether it is a distinctive embossed leather collar for a loyal pet, a desk organizer for a third anniversary, or a leather storage box to accent an office or den, we promise to put our heart into every object we make. We are deeply committed to our craft, to learning and growing each day, and thanks to our many wonderful customers, we hope to continue to create unique American handcrafted leather objects for years to come.