Koi Chair, the Last in a Series

The final chair in our three part series of re-imagining historic rockers creates a thematic bridge that ties each chair to the other in a cohesive sensibility. For this chair, we returned to the multidimensional layering of leather that we utilized in our first creation in the series . In this case, this layering creates a peephole effect that reveals a view of a fishpond with a dynamic koi at center stage. This direct aquatic theme developed over the course of the entire series; beginning with the water plants in the first chair, continuing with the seaweed motif in the second chair, and then, finally becoming most overt in this final creation.

Perhaps fittingly, our least formal and symmetrical theme is paired with the most formal and precise chair. The earlier chair frames that we used for this series clearly revealed the slightly asymmetrical craftsmanship of artistic, but slightly imprecise makers. Like all of the other frames, this frame is also handmade, but it is very strictly rendered. This strictness allowed us the freedom to take charge of re-imagining the chair with nearly unlimited possibility. We are proud of this outcome which neatly fuses the formal elements of all these historic chairs with a modern sensibility and traditional materials.